Why Isn’t Alex Rodriguez Playing When He’s So Close To 700 Home Runs?
Brian Rauf

Hey Brian, I think you need to do a little more research especially in this article where you say and I quote “ His DH spot would likely be filled by Mark Teixeira, another aging vet who would presumably get ABs over an up-and-coming younger player.” There are actually two parts that are incorrect — the first being that Mark Texeira’s contract is up after this year and therefore would not be DHing in 2017. The second part is that the Yankees have called up Gary Sanchez and presently he is DHing for the Yankees. The second part you might not have known prior to you writing this article but the fact that Tex is retiring after this year as his contract expires at 2015–16 season end — that you definitely should already know being a sports writer and all.

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