MY BOARDER WALL IDEA…i have submitted one other to our government THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

my boarder wall idea is….we put in fake palm trees 2 rows every 50 feet or so…and on these fake palm trees we put..ALL SOLAR 12 VOLT CAMERAS, INFRA RED, MICROPHONES ,GROUND PENETRATING RADAR..AND SPEAKERS and 3 0R 4 12 volt batteries for storage..and its all wireless and we set up the boarder patrol with a truck that monitor’s the trees in their areas…with my set up i can make walls on the Canada and mexico boarders..WHEN YOU SEE THE PALM TREES YOUR ENTERING AMERICA NOW this is my idea i was thinking maybe 75 foot fake palm trees with coconuts for cameras..and leaves that collect solar energy and store it in 12 volt batteries and at night the whole wireless system could run off motion sensors and activate the cameras and infra red or the cameras always running and the motion activates the other devices ?…its really up to AMERICA…BUT I BELIEVE MY BOARDER WALL IS UN PASSABLE AND LOOKS COOL TOO