IF WE FEED THE OCEANS WE FEED OURSELVES WE CAN START THIS ON ALL COASTAL CITIES…SO YOU SAY WHY…WELL HERE IS WHY. we took all the fish ate them then pooped on land i know gross but true…so in order to stablize the oceans and fix the dead spots in the gulf…we neeed to feed the oceans with our green waste…and maybe take old buses and train cars and make little reefs at every dead spot in the gulf…….those dead spot were caused by the fish takn trade and well if we want food for are kids we better take those oldclunker’s and make some reefs….and use our green waste to feed the oceans…we can use all green waste and leftovers from our processing plants..we need to feed the oceans and save our landfills at the same time…this will work for all coastal cities..

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