7 Laws Democrats Must Push if Roe is Overturned

As of this writing, Oklahoma has sent a bill to the governor to sign that would ban abortion at the point of fertilization(!). 26 states have/will have restrictions on women’s health choices if Roe vs Wade falls. These are the 7 laws that Democrats in those states should push now to attempt to get some sort of equity for women in this bad situation and, at worst, show that Republicans are not really as concerned about life and abortion as they say.

  1. Claim a fetus in your taxes

Currently, to claim a baby as a dependent, the baby must have been born alive during the current tax year. If your child wasn’t born until the next year, you can’t claim the baby as a dependent, even though your pregnancy lasted most of the tax year.

PROPOSAL: Allow expectant parents to take the child credit for the fetus. Based on the many state laws coming through, it is believed that the fetus is alive. No givebacks if there is a miscarriage.

2. Mandatory DNA testing on every fetus

Require mandatory DNA testing of all fetuses. No more anonymous sperm donors. This will be necessary to enforce child support as well as support tax documents.

3. Child support from conception

Currently, most child support laws hinge on the birth of the child. In identifying the father, this would allow that from the point of fertilization the state could enforce child support for the fetus.

4. Mandatory processing of rape kits and clear backlog

Along with DNA testing, the Federal government should acquire all unprocessed rape kits and have them processed. This will support potential child support and also allow states to follow through in enforcing their rape laws.

5. Make age of consent 18 federally

The Federal age of consent is already 18. This would mandate that all states fall in line to increase the minimum to 18 as well. Currently, there are states that have lower minimums which make it difficult to fight grooming and predatory relations.

6. Penalize men who father more than two child births in a calendar year

Women can only have — at most — two childbirths a year. If a man fathers more than two child births a year, he will be penalized through payroll deduction for the remainder of the period he would have needed to be compliant.

7. Mandatory vasectomy for rapists, child predators and incest daddies

The effort is to not penalize a woman further when she is forced to carry a child that was conceived criminally. To exact some justice and to prevent future unwanted children, the states will be compelled to perform non-reversible vasectomies. Evidence show that the majority of sexual molestation and rape is by someone familiar to the victim and a person of trust.

Know that if these were to be in effect, there would be a group that would already be working on laws to undermine and get around these laws.

I welcome all discussion. My intent is to put these ideas out there. My hope is that a woman’s bodily autonomy can be protected but it’s not looking good.




#inclusion #woken #likewater

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Doug Edwards, AAM

Doug Edwards, AAM

#inclusion #woken #likewater

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