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I Have To Decide And Now’s The Time

Nothing concentrates your mind like a possible demise

Douglas Green
Mar 23 · 3 min read
Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

Dear Friends

It’s been “interesting” around the world lately hasn’t it?

My better half and I were in Florida when the COVID news began to roll across my feeds. And to be honest, I wasn’t as concerned as I might have been reading the European and U.S. news. But when our Canadian news feed lit up with the utter seriousness of this, we started paying attention.

Our Prime Minister began talking about the border and how serious this problem was. The word came that Canada was thinking of tightening the US/Canada border.

We looked at each other and began packing. Twenty four hours later we were on the road home to Canada.

The U.S. is intensely partisan

The rationale was quite simple.

Where was I the most comfortable I’d get treatment or diagnosis if needed? The U.S. President was — at that time — running down the existence and seriousness of this virus and the U.S. systems were in chaos. (No political commentary — simply a reflection of the facts on the ground.)

I have travel medical insurance but it has limits. I quickly realized a ten-day stay in an emergency ward could run through that insurance fairly quickly given I’d be paying a full load with no discounts. That’s assuming I could even get admitted if I wasn’t on the leading edge of the illness curve.

Two 13-hour driving days later, we pulled into our driveway. And we went into immediate 14-day isolation. This is — as I write — day 7.

If this were to be my last day

I’m healthy. But I decided this indeed might be my last day (or week or ?) There’s no telling — given my age — how I’d react if/when I went down with this virus.

Several Projects Are Worth Doing

The first is online.

I’ll have a full vegetable how-to list republished within the next week.

Medium is a powerful platform but it has its limits at this time. I’ve set up special question forms so anybody can ask practical questions about vegetable gardening all summer long.

The others ways to spend my days are offline.

I have a pile of stone and my carving tools so I’m going to enjoy myself with a hammer and chisel doing a few projects I’ve been putting off.

When the weather warms up, I’m going to rebuild my sweetheart’s vegetable garden so she can enjoy herself out there. (We have to move it because a tree got too big and shaded out the garden.)

As soon as we’re out of isolation, there are some grandchildren that require spoiling and one new grand-baby I have yet to hold.

But for the moment, I’m locked into a project to help folks feed themselves this summer.

And that strikes me as something worth doing — even if it were among my last writing projects.

Douglas Green

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Former nurseryman, now award-winning garden writer focussed on helping others with their organic gardening challenges. A syncretic reader and writer...

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