Abandoning And Deleting Creative Ideas

Some ideas are better than others and this wasn’t one of my best

Douglas Green
Mar 19 · 2 min read
Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

One of the things I’ve come to recognize about myself is I have a lot of creative ideas. Some of these are good and some are… well, not so good.

And that’s just the way my creative brain works. It fires off all manner of ideas on an ongoing basis and I tend to jump on them quickly to see how it feels to do the work and whether the reality of creation is the same as the idea itself.

If you’re looking for serious consistency of thought, word and deed, it’s probably a safe bet you and I are not on the same artistic wavelength.

What I find is some of my ideas stick more than others. Writing is a prime example, and once I’d started back in the late 70’s it just seemed to feel better and better to be a writer. Working with stone is another one that seems to fit. I’m building stone walls and doing more and more carving and it feels right.

And while I still have a great deal to learn about both writing and working with stone, I remain open to new thoughts and opportunities in other areas.

Note you can have many years experience in life or one year of experience repeated many times.

The Covid-19 diary series

This was one of the ideas I jumped right on and began developing. I’d write a post a day in a diary form while I went through the self-isolation part of the journey.

One day 1 & 2, I published whatever came to mind on the screen.

But on the morning of day 3, it flashed through my mind these notes were simply word salads for myself. And, as such they belonged in my diary and not on the screen. I’m not Samuel Pepys.

I deleted both published notes. They were neither helpful nor — in retrospect — particularly entertaining.

Moving forward

I’m taking a few days to build some bookshelves in my office and reorganize my creative life while this self-isolation phase of the Covid-19 virus programme works itself out.

Assuming I don’t get the virus, I’ll likely go back to documenting the development of my new garden and other “stuff” here on Medium.

And I’ll fire up the word processor and sharpen my stone chisels to see what happens next.

Thanks for following my creative journey.

Douglas Green

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Former nurseryman, now award-winning garden writer focussed on helping others with their organic gardening challenges. A syncretic reader and writer...

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