Three Kinds Of Non-Fiction Books That Make Money

Historically, beginning writers can make money with these three kinds of non-fiction books

Doug Green
Sep 18 · 1 min read
Three kinds of non-fiction books that make money
Three kinds of non-fiction books that make money

If you scroll through the Amazon best selling, non-fiction stats, deleting books by folks you’ve heard of or recognized experts in their field, you’ll quick discover there are only three kinds of books that reliably make serious money for a beginning writer.

In “yee olde days” of non-fiction writing (before the Internet) we classified them — often over a beer — in this way.

How to:
• get laid
• get paid
• lose weight

Write one of these if you want to make money.

Otherwise, don’t bother unless you’re really famous, have a massive audience already or a marketing reason to spend the time/effort.

The only question remaining in my mind is whether things have changed significantly? I wasn’t able to find one but are there very successful books that don’t fit into one of these categories?

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