6 Things You Want To Know About Container Garden Pots

Doug Greens Garden
Sep 18 · 4 min read

1: Big Displays Are Better

Begonia ‘Dragon Wings’ in an 18-inch clay pot. This display is approximately 3-feet across.

2: Pot Material Comparison

Clay pots.




Clay container with our summer herb garden.

3: Best Overall Pots For Growing Are Clay Containers

4: Use More Pots Together For Bigger Displays

24-inch wide wire and fibre baskets.
5-foot tall gardening pots from Quebec City

5: Use Big Hanging Baskets For A Good Garden

6: Novelty Containers

Fibreglass legs with Narcissus ‘Tete a tete’

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Doug Greens Garden

Written by

Doug is an award winning garden author and a retired nurseryman who grew 1600 varieties of perennials and 600 varieties of annuals every spring

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