The Boogie Bunch

“Who does Demarcus like and not like from the University of Kentucky??”

To be a Kentucky Wildcat means you’re in an exclusive club. To get into the club you need to be young, athletic and have HUGE potential. Since Calipari got to Kentucky, the club has boomed and grown exponentially each year, to the point where I have no idea who the players are, just that they’ve got the potential to be great. When Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins came to the NBA, a subgroup was formed, I like to call them the “Boogie Bunch”. This group is extremely selective and hard to keep track of, here’s what I know so far…

Boogie bleeds Big Blue. He posts praise of Kentucky while March Madness is hoopin’, and let’s everyone know Kentucky is kick ass when they take down a top 25 opponent. I love when players take pride in where they came from. In my head Boogie supports all Kentucky players no matter what. But then, one day, I saw him trash talk Devin Booker and give what was his best KG impression of holding back from knocking him out.

I, like most other, were extremely confused by this altercation of Kentucky Blue Bloods. First thought, “do we hate Booker!?” (To preface, I support Boogie Counsins, in all matter of basketball and the Association. From his tirades of how “they” are trying to spoil his success, to his hilarious facial expressions of refs calls against him. Full support.); second thought, “do we hate other Kentucky players in the NBA!?”; third thought, “why hasn’t Boogie told me who I should and should not like from UK yet???”. Although, it seemed like the two made up, they had to be separated again this past October!

I can say with certainty that the Trinity of Boogie, Wall and Bledsoe is safe and sound. There’s been multiple occasions where I’ve read that they all joke about joining forces on their respective teams and destroying the NBA super teams as we know it (by creating a super team). I just hope one day that they actually agree to do that… a guy can dream. As for other former UK members in the Association, I have little to no idea who we like and don’t like. These are my best guesses to answer if we like them or not (except Wall and Bledsoe, duh):

Devin Booker

NEGATIVE. We as the people who support Boogie, do not like this former Wildcat. If he’s not good enough to get respect from the Boogie Man, then we do not support him.

Anthony Davis

Yes. I mean… he’s got a killer unibrow, he’s a freak athlete who’s over 6'10" (like Cousins) and he was part of the team that finally brought glory to Calipari’s experiment. Plus they can bond over the fact that they are AWESOME C/PF in the NBA that are on exceptionally bad teams.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Does it matter? He, with Anthony Davis, won the ship for the Wildcats Nation and why hate the guy? (Seriously, does anyone have any reason to hate the guy? Other then Hornets fans who wish he could hit a midrange jump shot with consistency).

Enes Kanter

This one’s tricky to me. Cousins is as demonstrative as Russell Westbrook and by means of the Pythagorean Theorem, Enes Kanter’s association with him could hurt this relationship. On the other hand, he’s not better then Cousins, so Boogie sees no threat from Kanter. On the other other hand, his mustache makes him look like Luigi, and I have no idea who Boogie picks in Mario Kart 64, but he seems like a Yoshi guy. So let’s sum it up to “Nah”.

Trill Baby

A hearty “Chyeah!”. He’s got the second best nickname from former UK players; of course Boogie is the best. He’s on the same mediocre team and feels his pain. He’s also no threat to Boogie’s playing time or output if they are on the court at the same time. He also has neck tattoos.

Julius Randle

For completely superficial, nonsensical reasons, Julius doesn’t look like a guy I’d trust. I’m gonna go with “No” purely because I think he listens to Drake a lot.


Karl Anthony-Towns is adorably good at basketball. He’s taken steps this year to being a perennial All-Star. He got mentored by the one and only Big Ticket and plays for, yet again, a mediocre team. His game is most like Cousins’ and I honestly just find the guy super cool. I’ll give this one a “Yeeessshhh”.

The Boogie Bunch is an ever changing group that is glorious and like being part of a selective Avengers. I, like many Boogie fans, want to be up-to-date on who we like and don’t like from the Big Blue Nation. I’m hoping to gain this valuable knowledge straight from Boogie’s mouth, but don’t mind finding out via highlight reels or watching live games.

SIDE NOTE: Honorary non-UK player who’s in the Bunch: Joel Embiid. Their bromance is beautiful, adorable and down right fun. *Butt Slap*