What it Costs to Win the World

Ban problemize and instrumentalize and take weaponize with it while you are at it.

So much of this follows from the US war department that Eisenhower warned about. When you have more bullets than brains, you use bullets. The former Soviet Union was not much of a threat either, but it was used by politicians and defense contractors as an excuse for interfering in foreign countries and building up an absurd level of offensive force.

It won’t happen, but a first start to preserving the US is to get away from a war policy to peace policy. Concentrate on stopping terrorists and cyberwarfare rather than blowing up objectionable places.

While people rightfully object to ***** (I don’t use his name), fewer are calling out the wars of the last several administrations.

To avoid the insults that I have received for stating that Hillary and others that authorized the invasion of Iraq are unfit for office, I don’t read replies.