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“They all have agendas, and seek to reassure people simply because they will be criticized if they ever cause panic.”

==> As opposed to advocacy groups?

“People can ingest the substance by other means given that most of the substance does not actually get near the dining room table, but floats about in the air till it lands on everything and anything that humans may make physical contact with.”

==> Okay, Nothing I say will have any effect, but just so I can say I’ve done my due duty, I’ll leave you with information from Cornell University, reviewing extensive testing that finds glyphosate to have very low toxicity to humans, other mammals, birds, fish, or insects such as honeybees, to be unlikely to ever cause cancer in a person, to not cause birth defects, and so forth. As long as you don’t get it in your eyes or eat it by the spoonful, it won’t hurt you.

“Our media is heavily controlled — especially channels that people deem credible.”

==> Everyone but those advocacy groups. You know you’re taking exactly the stance of the anti-vaxxers and the global warming deniers (I don’t know your position on those and won’t ask), that everyone who accepts the position provided by the scientific community is a dupe or a conspirator. I can’t argue with that.