The Tr🍩ll Smears Against Bernie Must Be Stopped — Here’s How to Do It

This is an interesting enough piece to me, being certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton’s, but a piece that portrays everyone who supports Clinton and opposes Sanders as flacks should at least try not to look like a flack himself. There are things that can be checked on in here. Many likely will check out fine. But toward the end EuroYankee brings in something so easily debunked that I wonder if he thought no one would ever bother doing basic follow up.

I’m talking about the Russian hacking issue, whereby WikiLeaks (apparently) got all those DNC and (especially) Podesta emails. EuroYankee writes that: “This story has since been debunked and proven to have been a hoax that was “cooked up” by John Podesta and Robby Mook on the night of the election.”

Well. You might look at the links he provides. “Proven to be a hoax”? EuroYankee points toward an article in The Nation that is very skeptical of the idea of a Russia hack and in fact take the position that the emails were simply downloaded on site to a thumb drive. That’s possible, but it isn’t proven. In fact, it is controversial, so much so that The Nation has attached a disclaimer to the article. Click on the link EY provides and you can read the disclaimer. Go ahead. Do it. I’ll wait.

Finished? There’s no clear “there” there to the hoax allegation, is there? Oh, it is possible, but it’s little more than speculation. The Nation’s editor, in fact, seems embarrassed about the whole thing.

But what about John Podesta and Robby Mook cooking up this unproven and possibly spurious “hoax” on election night? Isn’t there a link documenting it? Well, no there isn’t. Click on the link. Do it. I know I’m asking a lot. But do me a favor. Click it and then read the news article it leads to. Try to find anything about Podesta and Mook plotting the “hoax.” I’ll wait again. I’m free.

Back already? It wasn’t there was it? Nothing about it at all. Now there could be some other article somewhere that actually makes such a claim, but it certainly isn’t here. This is just a report of some of the problems with the Clinton campaign, as stated in the book Shattered. But since the “hoax” hasn’t been proven to be a hoax, rather than a Russian hack, as the intelligence agencies have stated, it’s not at all clear what anyone should make of a (supposed) claim that Podesta and Mook conspired to blame the Russians for a leak that seriously hurt the Clinton campaign.

No. This won’t do at all.

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