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Doug Davies
Jan 3, 2017 · 9 min read
1. This is Place. This is the face of Easton we all celebrate and share with visitors.
2. Can you imagine this as a postcard you would send to a friend? is this even the Easton Wal-Mart? Maybe?
3. Placemaking personified. It is easy to imagine caring about this place. This place is an engine of its own success.
4. Entropy personified. Much like the heat death of the universe, this place will degrade until nothing remains. Is this place rich enough socially that we should care about it? The unequivocal answer is no.
5. Downtown Easton.
6. Strip Center Easton
7. Value per Acre Downtown Easton. Blue indicates a larger value in tax revenue.
8. Value Per Acre from Urban-Three.com
9. Where more buildings, parks, residences, and businesses should be, here we get parking, and a lot of it.
10. Red — New Structure, Blue — Existing Structure, Gray — Parking Structure, Green — Park / Median
11. Existing Marlboro Avenue.
12. Proposed Marlboro Avenue. Imagine if these were 3–4 stories like downtown Easton. ( I am being modest here, there is no reason these couldn’t be 3 or more stories.)
13. For some perspective, this is Washington Street around Goldsborough Street.
Doug Davies

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Urban Planner, Designer, and Landscape Architect increasingly disconcerted about the world around me.

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