I love how Conservatives who say “get over it” about the election also spent the last eight years…
Michael McBride

Did we riot? Did we attack opposition party supporters by the thousands across the Country? Did we burn cities and kill police? No, only democrats and degenerate millenials do that. When Obama was elected we definitely btched and moaned at his every move, but we also went back to our everyday lives and worked. Democrats today are unable to get over it, they cry, whine, moan, and stomp their feet in the streets lime children because they were told no and didnt get their way. They were coddled by mommy and arent used to hearing no. Fortunately the people who actually work, are actual citizens, pay taxes, and fight for this Country got the President they wanted. Trump will do amazing things the next few years, but we dont expect liberal filth like yourself to give him credit. We expect years of temper tantrums from you for years to come.


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