Spotify, please learn from Pandora.

I do like Spotify but sometimes I just wish they put some more work into algorithms to find songs that I might like better. I often find myself trying to find good playlists to chill or even to discover new artists, and all I do is skip songs because they all seem repeated or they’re not exactly what I was looking for.

On the other hand, Pandora is AMAZING at this! I just type the name of an artist that I like and it find great bands and songs that are sort of related and sometimes they are not but I do love hearing these because somehow Pandora knows what I like hearing. No song seems to be repeated. Do you know what I mean?

With Spotify it happens to play the same kind of indie-acoustic-slowly-dying song if I just want to hear acoustic/unplugged/cover songs. Don’t get me wrong, I like some indie bands but I don’t get what happens with Spotify’s playlists and radio.

Why don’t I just use Pandora? Because it’s not available in Brazil yet. I could try using VPN but it is not the best option either.

Meanwhile all I can do is to wish that either Pandora becomes available worldwide or Spotify improves its music recommendation algorithm.

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