Entrepreneurs find a way.
Manu Kumar

Again, maybe I didn’t say this correctly. It’s not about not having the network. I have a network. It’s not about getting a company funded. It’s about raising a fund. If I can find a way, then I guess it doesn’t really matter if I have a network, or if I approach you with a sincere question. If the answer is, “You’ll find a way,” then that is all that I need to know. In fact you are saying, “I won’t help you, or give you an answer, you will have to find your own answer.” If that’s how investors think, then no wonder it remains an industry of isolation and privilege. That’s how it reads.

Thw question is really, once you have that network, how do you source out the right connections in that network, and the right support, to take advantage of your own investing ideas, when it seems that to not belong is the default status of an individual. And that “not belonging” always remains the key marker for that person’s identity. Thanks anyway for your response.

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