First Wear: My Review of the Patagonia Capilene 3 Baselayer Thermal Weight LS-Shirt

When I first saw this shirt, I didn’t believe the sales person’s claim that it would keep me warm in the Himalaya.

This long sleeve shirt is very thin and seems lightweight. You can even see through the shirt, due to its distinctive interior fleece and polyester pattern, called a Power Grid. It looks like an 80s arcade game world, like Tron.

The internal design of this fabric leaves a first time user wondering if this layer alone will be warm. No worries. The up down base layer pattern actually allows breathability and warming. This is my blue model, XL.

Before I attempt to wear this at 5200 meters, I want to make sure it works.

After wearing it on a night hike in cool weather, I can now say that my worries were eased.

I wore my black one in 19C degrees last night and walked 12km in it.

The black Capilene Baselayer, Thermal Weight. I think it might be a little bit big, but I plan on using it to keep warm, not look fashionable.

I highly recommend this shirt. Even though I tried it out in warmer weather than what I will experience in Nepal, there are two admirable traits to this shirt.

Worth wearing if you want to keep warm on a long trek

Excellent wicking ability — after getting initially sweaty, I never felt wet for the remaining 10km of the hike.

Warm as all get out — in the first 1km to 2km of the hike, I could feel cool air blowing through the thinnest piece of the fabric, but after taking the first 3 levels of stairs up the mountain, I was instantly comfortably warm. A little bit of sweat from exertion, but that evaporated and the heat stayed with me, meaning I never once experienced a chill from the quite stiff breeze blowing on the exposed hillsides.

You can find more information about the Patagonia Capilene series.