It’s Not Easy applied to Venture Capital
Manu Kumar

I understand a lot of what you are saying here. If I may ask a self-interested question, what do you do if you have the qualities (or think you do) of a superior investor, but don’t have the network that can give you money to put these ideas on investing to work? I really only had enough money during my time at Microsoft to put into four startups at the angel level. Three of the four are doing very well. But I don’t have the network, in that I know great people, and maybe they know of me and have heard of me, but not at the level of “let’s help each other raise money to invest in further rounds and other companies.”

My work is primarily being done in China now, where a lot of the VC and entrepreneur network I do know do not venture or travel. I guess I just wonder what does it take to raise a fund? I know how to do the networking, the conversation, the trust-building and the seeing what is not seen by others. And I guess I’m not asking about how to do this in China. I guess my deeper question is, A lot of this works on a practical level only if you have access. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter. So how do you build the access, which makes all of this relevant at scale?

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