The Kansas Model

I think I’m shutting down about the multiple upon multiple outrages that Trump and the conservative Republican majority of a majority are imposing on all of us, even before they’ve passed a single piece of major policy legislation.

What kind of people are they, that can turn off health care for so many millions, and make it more expensive for many millions more? And for what?

To pay off their even more wealthy donors, we know, but even their justification is just plain wrong. To save money, they claim. They have a fundamental misunderstanding of the economic function of the Fed and government spending. They have this mistaken idea, just disproven again in Kansas, that slashing taxes on the wealthy, and cutting services to everyone else will unleash the true powers of “Free Enterprise.”

No, it just justifies stiffing millions of people to pay millions of dollars to hundreds of people.

So, while Kansan’s, Democrats and Republicans now agree that taxes need to be raised, and overcame Governor Brownback’s veto, the Republicans in the House and Senate want to do a Kansas on the whole country: cut services and slash taxes on the wealthy. And Trump doesn’t care what they pass; he just wants a win.

Thank you if you succeed. You will trigger a new global Depression.

If inequality rises even more outrageously, you’ll probably trigger worldwide revolution.

Or, at least, humane social democracy, like Medicare for all.