Make Penguicon Great Again
Jay Maynard

So, let me get this right. Penguicon is an ongoing, successful, SF & computer science convention that attracts big name guests and ~1,400 paying members annually. They are successful at what they do.

But you are demanding they change, because you don’t like it? Sir, are you demanding a safe space? Rather than industry leaders and award-winning authors and artists, who would you suggest?

But my main issue comes with your issues about consent culture. I have friends who have been sexually harassed and assaulted at cons. To many of the socially-challenged among fandom seem to think that just because a woman shares some interests it is okay to begin groping. Addressing this is important, both in terms of education and prevention.

Also, I have to assume that you don’t realize that when at a privately run event on private property, you permission to remain at said event or on the property is governed solely by the judgement of the people running the event and the property owners or their designated representatives. Unlike, I have organized cons, and let me assure you, we hate to toss paying members, but we also hate losing our hotel contracts and having to talk to lawyers more.

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