As day go by at the Andela bootcamp, music is becoming a close friend while time and sleep are the enemies. In a short while it will be 48 hours since the last time I ‘committed’ to my bed. I wish I could ‘.gitignore’ this feeling but it’s gradually becoming an addiction in a short time.The stress is becoming a craving and they are pouring in their numbers like node modules..

I would naturally call myself a software developer because I write codes but I found out in a short time here at Andela that there is more to just punching keys into the keyboard. I have been exposed to TDD (test driven development) using Mocha and Chai, which is a different approach to the methods of coding that I know. In this TDD, you are made to write tests with assertion libraries to enable you have an idea of the outcomes of what your codes are expected to be doing.

Four days only and we have been exposed to a lot of technologies and software tools:
1.Pivotal tracker for project management 
2.Trello board, also an app for project management. 
3.Filling Google forms everyday for daily outcomes and feedback 
4.working with slack for daily stand ups; a way of showing what you have accomplished, what you will accomplish and what your blockers are.
There are lots of software tools used at andela for structured project management.

I learned from the first day at the bootcamp that version control is the backbone of collaboration and the need to use git at the bootcamp and anywhere else can never be over emphasised. It’s actually the first time I have been able to use git off hand without looking up some of its commands. My experience in the last four days around the premises is one that constantly surprises me because of how well the culture of Andela is grounded in the company’s staff. Most Andelans are easy going and are always eager to assist whenever there is a blocker. 
Everyday is an overdose of almost impossible tasks to accomplish.The best part of it is how all these data they collect are used in the evaluation of candidates.

The tasks are not going anywhere; they keep rolling in. I practically started typing this post from my phone since yesterday night while in a public transit back home with head phones to my ears to keep track of my phone in case I sleep off while typing. If I said today was the most hectic day at the bootcamp, what then would I say of the last 3 days? Or what would I say of the days to come? 
I have submitted daily tasks late, explained my buggy codes to my 9 years old niece. fallen sick and still stay awake the same night to finish my daily challenge and go as far as staying out late in a city I barely even know about just to meet up with the Andela daily challenge. All these in only four days. Now I am left wondering; what else have they got off their sleeves? Bring it on! The Idea is to never stop learning and from my experience at the bootcamp, it doesn’t seem like learning is stopping billions of years from now. This is my experience at the Andela bootcamp for the last four days.

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