Specialist or Jack-of-All-Trades? The Answer’s Obvious to Me
Gary Vaynerchuk

Jack of All Trades (with a Network)

Our agency’s focus is the larger cross-channel and view of our clients’ marketing efforts. While we are a “Jack of All Trades”, we do have some specialties like search, content (infographics & whitepapers, esp.) because they perform well in a cross-channel strategy. That said, we have an extended network of specialists that we call in very often — from Marketing Automation specific development firms, to technical writers, to paid search experts.

I think the process of building a business isn’t unlike building a car — you have designers and engineers (Jack of All Trades) but they pull in resources from specialists for every aspect of the vehicle… from brake pad manufacturers to Bluetooth integrations experts. For a small business, I believe the Jack works better — as long as they have a fantastic network of resources to dive into when needed.