Everyday we are getting closer to who we want to be, and not farther away. We are living intentionally. We are not waiting. We have dreams, alone and together. And we have each other.
Dominique Matti

Wow. I love the story. the fact that it’s real makes it even more beautiful.

I think we’re multi-faceted beings. we need love, we need companions, dreams, football, food, sunshine, grass, night, rest, to learn, to play, etch, and I didn’t think much of this before but I guess love is just one of those facets. but hey, it’s probably one of the most important ones we need.

Thanks for sharing your authentic self.

And by the way, You Are Somebody. You're Dominique Matti. I see that you have goals and I pray the best for you, but no achievement can validate the beauty or existence of a human soul, not even yours. You're already Dominique and this is you right now and what you're sharing is splendid. All you dream to be is you wanting to show who you already are inside as you read this, and as you eat and sleep and care for your son.

And for that, I encourage you, please keep showing us more of you, I love it. I'm just a distant fan but I genuinely adore it. You're a another gorgeous facet of God’s image, that I am glad to discover.

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