Twitter Bullycide Linked to Louise Mensch and Team Patriot using Mass Censorship Tool

How Twitter allows Public Figures & Trolls to Kill

Douglas Stewart
Dec 15, 2017 · 7 min read

“It only gets better from here” — Rob McNeece Sept. 14, 2013.

On November 7, 2017 Rob McNeece dropped his wife off at work, drafted a note on his computer, likely said goodbye to his three dogs (Nacho, Chloe, and Star) and went to his shed and ended his life. McNeece wasn’t famous, unlike adult film-star August Ames, whose recent online bullying became a major factor in her suicide.

However, one crucial component — with an added bit of nastiness — was at play here. Ames and McNeece both were targets of relentlessness online bullying from their peer. In the McNeece case, he fell in with a group of serial harassers and stalkers that operate a virtually closed network on Twitter. Once they turned their sights on their former friend McNeece, there was no refuge from the onslaught. And finally, when news of McNeece’s suicide reached the crew, they celebrated online with a “thump”, indicating that their target was killed off.

The most stringent reviews of his life prove Rob McNeece to be nothing more than a patriotic politically-minded blogger. Clearly right-leaning, he held a healthy skepticism while entertaining ideas that challenged his personal philosophy. Like most Americans he took road trips to see Mt. Rushmore, supported vet causes, and genuinely cared about the direction of the country. Yet for nearly a year Team Patriot used their network in conjunction with a censorship application to trap and corner their prey.

To add insult to injury they then innocently reported his suicide and pretended to mourn. Luckily Twitter users were watching and documented the interactions up to, and including, the team making a fake and identical account to McNeece’s; All of which will be documented in the “Attack” section below.

Colloquially known via the hashtag #TeamPatriot, and lead by former Tory MP Louise Mensch — who resides in a moderate brownstone in New York City owned by her estranged husband Peter Mensch — has used an open source tool to not only create an echo chamber, but also acts to silence users voices from ever reaching tens of millions of users at any given time. The 3rd party tool, known as Block Together, allows anyone to add an unlimited number of users to a block list. Once large enough, those on the naughty list — per Mensch’s rules and direct orders — are effectively no longer able to engage vast swaths of users. This has even new Tweeters cut off from being able to interact with their elected representatives; Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a known user of the list in the past, along with other representatives.

To preserve her public image Mensch, a verified user, has the list run by anonymous user @chiefcovfefe. As of last count, the Team Patriot blocklist included over 600,000 users. And has been rumored to have peaked at 730K users. One of Mensch’s main concerns she addressed with ChiefCovfefe asking if this also blocks their followers. He replied in the affirmative and this can be seen by scrolling down the archived thread. It has doubled in size since August when it was 350,000 users.

Once the list was large enough, any dissent about Mensch, the blocklist, or really anything in general, had you banished to a different twitter per her order. I had made a short explanation video for Twitter when I learned that countless millions were silenced. My hopes were that it would liberate those inside the wall. It helped, and as predicted, Mensch and her crew of 5 (and their many fake accounts) exploited the “report” tool to ban my account. Just as I had predicted. Mind you, in almost 9 years I have never received so much as a warning via Twitter. They also sent a warning shot claiming anyone using the hashtag #BlockedByChiefCovfefe will be targeted and they made good on that promise; which is a violation of Twitter’s ToS against targeted harassment. A cursory view of the hashtag shows countless people targeted and expressing frustration.

Here is the video that triggered the mass reporting per the orders Louise Mensch and Team Patriot.

The Attack and the Celebration

The trolling lasted for almost 6 months. And hes trapped inside closed Twitter
Last Entry she refers to “John S” who is John Schindler
Self Congrats to trolling a man into suicide with the help of Twitter
20Committee is John Schindler
Mensch summons Nethery and multiple offender TundraEatsYou
Now deleted and was part of the original thread. Only Low-Res available.

Rob McNeece (Twitter user akula_51) came to Team Patriot via the John Schindler. The former Naval War College professor referenced above by Louise Mensch, was accused of conducting “‘cyber warfare’ against his online enemies” (archive) and sending pictures of his penis to a co-worker, and was removed from his position. The messages obtained via FOIA request from Gawker, and labeled as “nutty”, may be the understatement of the century. McNeece was already an avid follower of Schindler by 2013 according to his personal blog. (archive) And Mensch acknowledges this in her tweet “I remember your RIS prop on John S website”. If she thinks he was an RIS operative as far back as 2016 — as she only claimed later — then why let him into the inner circle? The only “Russian” attachment I see to McNeece is the Submariner watch his wife purchased for him in 2014 for his birthday. (archive)

Schindler, a central figure to Team Patriot, likely brought Rob McNeece into contact with two other key members of Team Patriot, Chris and Jay “Nethery”. Their relationship will be outlined in detail in the “Background” section of the forthcoming installment. The Nethery brothers ran a site called Russia Revealed that was designed by McNeece’s company Katzani Design and is still listed as a client. (archive) But McNeece’s responsibilities went further than web design. He had admin access to the Russia Revealed Twitter account and was actively marketing the site and creating various swag for sale online. Rob McNeece made a “How-To” video for users interested in using Tweet Deck. In that video he reveals his access to all of his accounts including Russia Revealed and demonstrates by tweeting from it.

He also shows viewers how to “get around blocks”, which is a tried and true tactic of Team Patriot. Highly ironic since they operate the largest block list in existence and have used it solely as a weapon. The video can be found here. If it goes offline I will replace it with countless mirrors. The accounts Rob McNeece operated in conjunction with Russia Revealed are: Home Pole Dancing (a parody account), Say No to Clintons, and one related to his business which will not be named as it is not relevant to this story. The end of the video shows him tweeting from all accounts and says he will demonstrate how to get around blocks in a later video. A video he never made. Was this what made Team Patriot turn on him?

As we can see from the screen shots above, Mensch specifically targeted one of their own. For some reason, she seems to think that anyone and everyone is Russian Intelligence Service or “RIS” operatives. From the entire Resistance Movement to Malcolm Nance. Browse her Twitter time-line, its all public. Twitter user BitBurner has outlined one side of the attack while disproving every claim Mensch makes…all while calling him a Russian Operative as well. Its all contained in a single thread with an animated .gif and should be required reading for this topic. Linked here.

In the process, Team Patriot also created a fake account matching Rob McNeece’s. His account, “akula_51” was copied and the offender used a capital “i” in place of the “L” making the accounts indistinguishable. Cyber warfare…target doesn't comply with your propaganda? Make it work.

Sounds like “cyber warfare”.

And sadly, with too many screenshots to post here, the calls to Twitter Safety and Jack Dorsey have fallen on deaf ears. DashTheHabbery is one of countless users requesting an investigation into this “cyber warfare”.

Oddly, Mensch was suspended in October for breaking Terms of Service by publishing the personal information of Jeff Reifman. So how is she able to operate a network of phony accounts with a core group of 4–5 actual users, shut out large swaths of twitter, trap people into a circular firing squad, and push them over the edge into suicide and still be considered a viable member of the community?

When the group came after Rob McNeece is was an all out war. This petty group hit from all angles for nearly a year, using a tool that recently was revealed to have serious security issues. In part 2 of this series I will outline how one of Team Patriots core users may have used the application to retrieve personal data from their subscribers; a step to further ensure loyalty by being able to peer into their direct messages. When that was revealed on November 21 of this year, it was revealed that one of their core users admitted to using the list as a “honeypot” trap. This will be important in the second installment where I will outline their abuse, legal ramifications, and how I discovered the security hole which caused them to go full-blown cyber warfare, scramble, and attack everyone. To Be Continued…

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