It Makes Sense To Fear Aboriginal Companies

From Google to Github the best companies already imitate Aboriginal traditional ways of looking at work and the world. This is true whether they know it or not. The problem is that they have stopped progressing.

Groups come together for meetings, reorganize, depart and then come back together again. It is the cycle of a technology company working with Agility. It is also the traditional cycle of the Aboriginal peoples of North America. The internet has enabled what was once thought lost. You don’t have to be Seth Godin to see that tribalism is a huge part of internet culture.

The environment right now is abstractly similar to what it was like for people like Dekanawida (The Great Peace Maker). A Huron man responsible for creating The Great Law of Peace. A document that some say is the bedrock for the American Constitution.

The funny thing is that just like early settlers dying of scurvy, these modern organizations are ignoring indigenous ideas and dying of scurvy. There are clear solutions that have been tested for thousands of years. We have been here before and have learned to live in this environment.

Technology is has revolutionized culture but people have gotten greedy and stopped thinking outside the box. They have become too comfortable with wealth and have lost their imagination.

The lose of imagination is the greatest danger of wealth. Wealth lets you satiate yourself like a drug.

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”
Matthew 19:24

Look past the obvious religion source of this text. It is fundamentally a warning about the dangers of wealth upon spiritual growth. There is a reason Potlatch and gift economies were so common among Aboriginal peoples. There is a reason charity is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam. With out a generous and understanding spirit we cannot grasps the reality of ourselves and one another.

So when tech was confronted with allegations of racism and misogyny, when #GAMERGATE blew up, did we look for new ways to make peace and bring people closer together? No we did not, we made fools of ourselves.

The reaction was to close our minds and return to what is comfortable. To return to a colonial way. As if everything had been nothing but a coup d’état. Here is the new boss, same as the old boss.

The world has become harsher and more restrictive. But who do you think feels the pressure of that backlash? It is the edges, the minority among the minority who still do not have a seat at the table. This zealous arrogance has harmed our collective wisdom and infects the minds of insecure profiteers struggling in the blood sport of commerce.

Most certainly I am not against commerce, but I am against people being assholes. Not listening, not thinking and not learning…

Regardless of where we are on the horseshoe, we are bound to the same foot. There is universal wisdom and understanding that transcends opposition. The answer is not to do battle but to transcend our circumstances. The best part of every religion is transcendence and yet we are still willfully ignorant of that fact.

We are so caught up in ourselves and in the wiles of others that we have forgotten to look at the world honestly.

Racism and hatred are foolishness, but we have come to see unaware fools as kings. How are we to grow if wisdom is taken from its perch and beaten to death by a mob of hashtags?

The first step is accepting who we are. Perhaps that is why there is an irrational fear of Aboriginal Companies. Just as two men affectionately holding hands in the street points to a truth about our nature, that truth inspires more fear then we care to admit and without thinking, we turn closed fists to the messenger. Only later using our minds to rationalize our conduct.

So perhaps our fear is reasonable, but it is also cowardly…

Until next time…Idiots!

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