When Mother Teresa Drives a Ferrari
D.A. Wallach

Interesting article. I agree up to a point — I do think these types of businesses are generally just marketing ploys. Not for the reasons you are suggesting, but rather because they reveal an inability to examine the actual mechanisms behind capitalism that create “incremental value” regardless of whether the company is positioned as “charitable” or not. If 100% of “incremental value” was equitably distributed, there would be no profit. This is true for any capitalist enterprise. Incremental value, i.e. profit, comes from the savvy exploitation of imbalances in the market.

“Compassionate Capitalism” is a scam. But that’s because regular captialism is also a scam. In your analysis of the “charitable” model, you almost get there. But you are so stuck inside the box that you can’t see the conclusion right in front of you.