OK, Douglas, I took the five minutes and watched the video.
Ana Frusinoiu

Ana, thank you for acknowledging that feminism is a hate movement. The more people who understand this, the better. After all, it is a hate movement with enormous power, whose voice is being listened to by governments around the world, so I hope you will continue to speak out against the activities and ideology of that hate movement.

I am sure you are aware that I was responding to “what is wrong with feminism” so saying that anyone else is also bad doesn’t change anything. If my dog bites a neighbour, it is no defence if I say that his dog also bites neighbours. Feminism is a movement that generates hatred in its followers, it aids inequality and injustice, it deceives and lies, and it costs taxpayers huge amounts of money. That any other organisation might be described in the same way is no defence of it.

Please let me know when and where any MRA (an activist or advocate for men’s rights) has attempted to close down discussion by violent protest.

Please let me know when and where any MRA has attempted to stop a feminist from voicing her beliefs, for example by storming onto a stage and tearing the microphone from a speaker’s hands.

Please let me know when and where a feminist meeting – or any other meeting – to discuss whatever it is they wish to has been disrupted in a manner like blowing trumpets, banging drums, pulling a fire alarm, etc., by MRAs (or by anyone else, for that matter).

In other words, Ana, don’t just make the accusation but be good enough to show in what way those who advocate that men (and boys) should also have human rights are a hate movement, as y0u claim. Even though the men’s rights movement is tiny and has around $2 billion dollars less annual funding than feminist organisations (i.e. next to nothing) and many people have not heard of it, if it truly is a hate movement it needs to be sorted out. Given that it has no public funding and almost no public recognition, it is obviously not so urgent even if it is, as you claim, a hate movement.

In the meantime, I will continue to push for men and children – as well as just women – to have human rights and dignity. When I believe that doing so is a form of hatred, I assure you I shall stop.