What Are You Willing to Give Up so Your Privilege Does not Mean Lack of Privilege for Someone Else?
Karen Kilbane

But all organizational and thought systems we have been exposed to, to date, have kept us stuck since the beginning of recorded human history in authoritarian, power based organizational structures.

And haven’t we been doing well, on the whole? Humans now number over 8,000,000,000, which I am told means that there are more people alive today than have lived and died.

In terms of species survival, we might be heading our planet into an over-heated, pollution-filled, swamp but a growing number of the 8 billion earthlings have a life with labour-saving gadgets (that we labour hard to afford), unsurpassed health care (so that we can continue to eat junk food and slob in front of the TV), and communications such that you and I can exchange views without even a thought to whether we live on the same continent, let alone in the same village.

So, just what is it you want to change, and why?