people get upset that people, like myself, have different views than them
I’m sorry, but I am not a racist asshole, which is what I think you just called me.
Lauren Holliday

Being, or feigning, upset by alternate views is the trend of the over-protected, over-privileged, ‘my way is the only way’ crowd that appears to be growing daily. Their passive-aggressive stance supports totalitarianism by silencing people, not engaging them in discussion. They shout-down or disrupt rather than debate. They attack people in preference to argue issues. The most easily-spotted tactic is the use of shaming tactics using a very broad brush which makes assumptions, and stereotypes entire groups in infantile fashion.

Beware these people for they usually made up their mind long before any facts were considered. No amount of persuasion will convince them for they have their comfortable slogans rattling in what should be their mind. They will not talk with you and debate the issues but they can wield a power in numbers to swamp any opposing view.