All you have to do is look at your own behavior to explain why they didn’t come forward.
Oh jeez. You’re wondering why they didn’t wait longer…while simultaneously questioning why they…
Elizabeth M.

But they did come forward – that’s exactly the point.

Yes, I do question why they didn’t come forward before, and why they didn’t wait later: in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been doing that all along in saying “why now?” Not now implies either before or later.

The only response from you on this has been continually to imply that my very questioning is unreasonable. Actually it is a very reasonable question to ask why somebody would deliberately put themselves forward into the maximum spotlight that media can provide, when the common excuse for not coming forward – one which you yourself have stated – is because of media attention.

Oh, and before you pretend that you know anything about me, or about my experiences with being sexually assaulted, um, I think the simple phrase is “check your privilege.” Perhaps it is you who do not know what you’re talking about and unless you are ever willing to consider that, anything you write can only ever be propaganda but never discussion.