You ignored my invitation for a conversation and posted a 500-word screed.
Eamon Caddigan

Eamon Caddigan, I did not ignore you. My first line was that I am busy running a campaign and if you took notice, the campaign is pertinent to the discussion.

People, specifically an elected politician, is wanting equality under the law.

Equality under the law.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Why don’t we have equality under the law? Because of a false victim narrative maintained – in my view – by feminism in general. In the politician’s view, it is only because of radical feminists but I think the storm against him seeking equality, coming from feminist politicians, feminist organisations and rank-and-file feminists, shows that it is the whole of feminism that is against genuine equality.

You have said you and I are world’s apart on what feminism is. Perhaps, given how busy I am having to fight off feminists just to get equality under the law, we could assume for the moment that Philip Davies’ view is correct: that it is just the feminist zealots who are holding back a fair society. Do you, personally, support Philip Davies in exposing government lies and calling for equality under the law or do you support the feminist zealots who oppose him and his call?