What things? Says who? Bad how?
What things? Says who? Bad how?
Ron Collins

Have you seen the state of the universities lately? The educational standards are falling, vital engineering degrees often come second place to indoctrination classes, men are being routinely kicked out on the say-so of a female accuser.

Have you seen the state of families lately? While the UNFPA might endorse the idea that broken families are a ‘triumph of human rights’ the reality is that broken families lead to poverty, unsociable behaviour and criminality.

Have you seen the state of the economy lately? Most people are so befuddled that they think a decrease in the rate of increase is a good enough target, without a care for the fact that U.S. debt continues to escalate through the roof.

Have you seen how many people are effectively campaigning against democracy lately? It’s one thing to have vicious and nasty politics funded by questionable sources but there are marches and even riots by many people wanting to overturn a democratic election because the latest result does not suit them.

In Trump USA, the people doing the rioting, screaming down opponents, physically attacking people whose politics do not match their own, etc. are the Marxists and other extreme left-wing – the ‘SJW’s, feminists and communists. The people in danger are those wanting to speak openly; those talking of isolationism and not being at war with other countries; the peaceful campaigners for a free and honest press. People in general are vulnerable from the activities of those censoring others, closing down dialog and committing violence; they are protected (on the whole) by the state.

I’m not trying to be nasty about the U.S.A. but it does have some severe problems.

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