How far will Hillary Clinton take her sexism? Will she accord her husband the same honour that he accorded her?

A Lord and a Lady, or a gentleman and a gentlewoman

When Bill Clinton was President of the USA, he and his country accorded his wife the title of “First Lady”. To a Briton, this is a strange thing: nobody elected her, nobody authorised her to speak on their behalf, yet there she was making speeches, meeting dignatories and instructing paid employees.

Still, we all have our quaint ways and my country has hundreds of Lords and Ladies. Nobody elected them, either, yet they are allowed a say in running the country. We all have our customs and this one has been running in the USA for as long as I can find.

I have read Americans talking of Bill as potential “First Gentleman”. This is causing some natural confusion. Does the USA not support gender equality? Does Hillary Clinton not declare that it is not she whom is sexist and demeaning to men?

Let me spell it out for you:

  • Most of us are just ‘men’ or ‘women’.
  • If we are being extra-polite or wish to accord people with a little extra social dignity, we are ‘gentlemen’ or ‘gentlewomen’.
  • If we are titled, or being accorded special approbation, we are elevated to “Lord” or “Lady”.

Since the USA has become used to calling the President’s wife the honary title of “First Lady” it surely should follow the the Presidents husband is “First Lord”. Anything else is sexist misandry at its worst, right from the top in the White House.

Perhaps one way to know whether the American voters are bringing in a man-hater, as some media suggest, is to hear whether Hillary intends referring to her husband as “First Lord” or to demean him with a lesser title for the first time in U.S. history.