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I agree, there are many women who don’t ever want a child.

Among millions, that is no surprise.

Of course, the vast majority of women – and men – do want children. Rail against it as we may, we are biological creatures with a deep-seated need to procreate. That many adults are able to postpone the point at which they have children speaks volumes for the way our beliefs and outlooks can interfere even with the most basic need of every living species. Delay says little about inevitability.

I’m sure most of us have met parents who don’t seem to care about their children. They would rather be out partying and spending money than enjoying an evening with their own children (if they even understand how to). Or they would rather be out working a job even if they do have the option to stay at home investing time in, and enjoying, their children.

Most parents, thankfully, are not like that. Given a choice, most prefer to be with their children whether it is evening, night, or day.

Biological imperatives created by thousands of generations means that, in general, a woman looks for a man to provide for her during her pregnancy and child nursing, if not outside of those times. Evolution favoured this pattern because a woman who cares for her children is more likely to have children that survive. Men understand this at a biological level and seek to attract a mate by showing that they can provide. None of this has to be thought out; it’s just who we are, as members of a species with a nine-month pregnancy and an infancy lasting many years. It reflects in modern society by women mostly wanting a man who earns more than they do and wanting to stay at home with her children (as so many do, never mind what they thought prior to giving birth); and men mostly concentrating on earning the income that the family lives on.

It is no good anyone saying “it’s not fair” because nobody says it is. It’s not fair that I got soaked in the rain today, either, but that is just how the world is formed. We can give these things fancy names, like ‘evolution theory,’ ‘societal norms,’ ‘biological imperative’ and so on but the labels aren’t what counts. What matters is that we can’t successfully go against nature, not happily we can’t.