1 in 4 college women will be raped during their academic career, and only 30% of students found guilty are expelled.
Douglas, making comment on real-life situations, such as college campus sexual assault, is hardly…
Mia Lee

I find it hard to believe that any rational person actually believes feminist scaremongering like that ‘1 in 4' quote. Obviously, female students don’t believe it, for who in their right minds would expose themselves to a 25% chance of severe trauma. If I thought there was even a 5% chance of me being hit by a car while I cross the road (regardless of how I behave) I would never walk across a single road! That some of the same students who know better, will utilise fabricated terror tactics, says a great deal about their motivations but obviously says nothing about the genuine risk nor their genuine understanding of that risk.

The lack of statistical evidence for lies like ‘1 in 4' has even been described in the Washington Post as “worrisome” when reporting that hundreds of colleges have no single case of rape.

Let me introduce a strange concept that modern civilisation has. Its first written expression in the anglo-world can be traced back to a misty morning in 1215 when a group of nobles in England put their lives on the line and forced their king to agree to it. 800 years later, it seems like a weird idea to some but it is a cornerstone of what we consider to be civilisation, and is a foundation of pressure to nations around the world to treat their citizens with respect and decency. This concept is that until somebody is proven guilty, they may remain innocent regardless of accusation.

I mention this concept because, like the crazy ‘1 in 4' figure, I have previously encountered the claim that students found guilty of rape are rarely expelled. Again, the evidence does not exist. Instead, the opposite is true (as so often when feminists talk of ‘facts’). Students are so frequently expelled with no evidence that it is becoming a concern in many areas of academia. Universities are being hit so hard and so often with writs for illegal discrimination or illegal refusal to abide by the law that some are beginning to defy the federal government even at the risk of losing funding (it would have been great to have seen more simply stand up for the U.S. Constitution and legal rights but alas, ‘money is king’).

Finding someone guilty requires a court of law, not just an accusation. Unless that principle is held to, just imagine your own chances of staying out of jail should someone accuse you of something as bad as rape, maybe just because they don’t like your politics.