Why is it America’s moral obligation to accept people who display a willingness to break American law the moment they set foot on American soil? Should not the very act alone raise questions as to their fitness to be naturalized?
These parallels irk me.
Joshua Sanders

I have seen some strange wording by people – even those who dislike having illegal aliens in their country – to circle around this very issue. Phrases like “only if an illegal alien breaks the law…” or “I run a legitimate business that relies on illegal aliens” show the general problem among U.S. citizens in acknowledging that someone in the country without permission is breaking the law and anyone knowingly employing, feeding or housing them is conspiring in that crime.

As a law-abiding British citizen, I feel that I would be under greater scrutiny visiting the U.S.A. for a holiday than any of these criminals who steal into the nation without permission. The country seems content to dissuade me from vacationing there, while being OK with hordes of criminals living and working amongst them.

Other countries have illegal immigrants, too. They treat them as the criminals they are.

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