I would say certain things but anytime I have done so in the past, the Patriotic Americans come out…

I have seen what you have described happen with many foreign commentators. Strangely, I had none of it myself which I don’t really understand. Perhaps it was because I never claimed that either candidate was good. On the contrary, although I believed – and still do – that Trump is better for the USA than Clinton, I was open in my disparagement of them both.

I don’t usually get involved in US politics at that level and care little for the squabbles between its two main parties. Clinton was bad for war, bad for justice, bad for families, bad for men, bad for women, bad for the image of the USA and bad for consolidation of society. If he’s not careful, Trump will be terrible for the environment, bad for international trade, bad for the image of the USA and bad for consolidation of society. Hopefully, Trump will prove himself to be good for something.

Societies must change and evolve, or die. The pace of change and evolution must be at a rate that is comfortable for most citizens. Too much change, too fast, and people feel disenfranchised, adrift and unsure of their place and how to relate to their neighbours.

Progressives have been pushing progression too far, too fast, and not always in a direction that people see as evolution rather than dismantling. It is time for the people in the USA to take a break from the rapidity of changing mores, to have a breather and to review the outcome of the past three decades of change. If some changes are undone, and if some movements slowed or even stopped, it will probably be a good thing for the comfort of individuals and the cohesion of U.S. society.