Women deserve the increased success they are getting. They’ve been oppressed for far too long. They’re hungrier and more motivated than most men. And hopefully society will continue to allow them the increased equality they deserve.
10 Habits That Change Boys Into Men
Benjamin P. Hardy

I have yet to read further but I had to stop and respond at this.

The article has just pointed out how boys have always had to achieve to become men, while girls simply had to be old enough to be women. (In other words, women just had to be but men had to do.) The specific protective roles of men, putting women before themselves and even their lives, was mentioned.

Given this, one must wonder where the statement that women have (ever) been oppressed comes from. There is no supporting evidence for such a claim, there has only ever been feminist indoctrination which teaches it. Stating the lie that women have been oppressed flies in the face of evidence, even of the statements made in the article.

The article then listed a few of the ways in which boys and men are being pushed aside by society; it could have listed many more.

In what world is the continuing oppression of men and boys to be described as “increased inquality”? How much further must an already disadvantaged group be trampled down in the name of this “equality” before society’s obviously continuing elevation of women is deemed enough? Do we need men in gulags and gas chambers before articles like this start to question whether there is equality at all?