I believe that it is true to say our history has created a society that still actively distributes power in men’s favor.
Sure, I think generally making a ton of assumptions about people based on their gender is a bad way…
Jeff Jackson

I might be able to agree with that, depending on what you refer to as power.

If serving people who elected you, and will not re-elect you unless you do their general bidding, is power then politicians have power and most politicians are male.

If, however, being able to select politicians who to you is power, then the electorate has power and most electors are female.

Either way, when we see what those who have been elected do, we can see that women have special privileges, rights and legal abilities denied to makes; ranging from education, through parental rights and health benefits to criminal treatment and special physical and emotional protections. Men, meanwhile, have no laws which are in their favour.

This would lead me to assume that the majority voter, female, has the power but it is clear that the application of that power – even if the power is male – is not distributed in male’s favour.