I don’t know, Svetlana, you’re over here wanting to argue with me about whether men or women have…
Jeff Jackson

If your neighbours kept stealing your property and then complained how you used their things without permission, do you think you’d have reason to be angry?

If you worked hard and diligently for your employer but he kept making up faults with your work, using examples of other worker’s output to show how bad you are, can you imagine getting upset?

If you paid for a new house, expecting it to last longer than you but it fell apart after 2 years and the builder just said “tough” and then took over your land when you went to stay somewhere else, would you be annoyed?

If you paid for an education for your kids but they only got half of the attention of other students, which meant they failed to pass their exam, would you care?

If you were told that you couldn’t vote unless you agreed to certain conditions, while others had no conditions imposed, would you think it fair?

Imagine if all this happened to you while someone so privileged they could never have it happen to them kept ranting about your privilege. Imagine that for a moment and think whether it might make you a little annoyed.

Not all of these happen in real life. The first two or three have parallels. but are fabrications. There are also many more “If you…” paragraphs I could have written: this isn’t about playing victim; it’s about being victim.