I’m Offended

I’m offended by being told to feel bad about something I had no part in. Intergenerational guilt is a mental cancer and only succeeds in hurting those that take it on board and those we’re supposedly having ‘empathy’ for.

I’m even more ‘offended’ by being told I should feel bad, or make recompense for, things that even my ancestors were not guilty of. Made up stuff, claimed ‘oppression’ by people with no care or attention to history to understand that a few hundred years ago everybody had it tough, with very few exceptions, compared to today’s standards of living.

I’m offended by people that use accusations of racism, sexism, or bigotry to shut down debate, thereby insulting those in the past and present that have actually experienced them.

I’m offended by those who use such accusations without looking at themselves in a mirror. I care very little about race and in a work environment I don’t care what someone’s sex or perceived sex (gender) is. To me, those that insist I pay attention to such things are the racists and sexists. It reminds me of those people who say “that road accident was just so horrible, I HAD to go take a look at it” – hypocrites and charlatans.

I’m offended by people that think being offended counts as a valid argument.

But surely far worse is when such things are being made into law! These days, legislators are increasingly making us legally responsible for other people’s feelings and perceptions. This is not a new phenomenon (e.g. public nudity) but is an increasing trend and nowadays what the majority, or a ‘reasonable person,’ might feel is increasingly irrelevant. It can actually be more relevant if only a tiny minority are offended!

I’m offended by the need to look for simplistic answers in a complex world both inside and out.

But everything can be reduced into 140 characters, can’t it? (Woops, there’s that irony!)