The number sounds fairly reasonable to me given the number of women I know who have been assaulted.
Angela Broach

Expelling innocent men from universities makes women less safe

Seriously? One quarter of the women you know have been raped on campus?

Without meaning to offer any unasked-for advice, I feel you need to get out more and meet more typical people, like the 99% of women who were never raped on campus!

Of course there is a problem of false accusations resulting in young men being expelled inappropriately

No, that is not an “of course.”

There is no reason for expelling an innocent young man from university ‘just because’.

Expelling men from universities just because someone doesn’t like them, or regrets sex they had, or is upset that they didn’t have sex, or because they are jealous of the time their friend is spending with their boyfriend (all actual reasons why young men have been denied justice and expelled from a university in the USA) is not an obvious problem for a country to have. Certainly not a country that likes to think it is civilised, or has a just rule of law.

Young men who have been constantly told they are nothing but rapists are less likely to help a woman in need. Many young men, just out of boyhood, should be getting the example of caring about the world but instead they turn up at a ‘learning institute’ only to be herded into a compulsory indoctrination class on how terrible they are, told to be respectful of of women (most of them know no other way to be) but discover that no woman around them affords them the slightest respect. Instead, despite the evidence of rape and even sexual assault being minimal, they are treated to attitudes like “I am not sure how you think women can avoid being raped. It isn’t like we can avoid being in places where there are men,” which expose such incredibly toxic mentality towards those who don’t even have equal voting rights to the young women around them.

It doesn’t take a psychology major to know how that kind of mental assault will affect young men’s thinking and their attitude to protecting women. I strongly suspect that is the entire idea, though. One only has to read the words of Gramsci and Lukács to discover that this stage of social collapse requires women to see men as an enemy instead of the protector and provider that they have been throughout time, are, and still wish to be. Feminism needs men to be nasty rapists. But they are not, any more than women are nasty shrews.