I will admit that, generally-speaking – not on an individual level but as a demographic group – I…

I mean, objectively-speaking, *as a demographic group,* white dudes have historically had it fairly easy compared to other groups.

So, you believe that white dudes had it good in your grandfather’s time and this is your reason to not care about white dudes now?

But I see you aren’t talking of those white dudes.

…look at who sits at the power broker tables even now … and their wives …

All you are doing is looking at the people who are “at the power broker tables” whatever that is meant to imply. It surely is not a reference to world leaders because you are trying to point to a predominantly white population.

Presumably you’re not talking about those who have been elected because, after all, they have been elected either because of, or more likely regardless of, their colour.

Nor could you be discussing the world controllers of commerce, since there is little evidence to support the idea that “whites”, who represent around 15% of the population, own more than 15% of world trade and wealth – and that wealth is not owned by anything like the majority of that population.

Perhaps your statement might be more accurately stated as:

“The excuse I have for not caring about the rights of white, heterosexual men, is that when I pick a selective minor proportion of them in a selective time in the past, in a selected part of geography, they and their wives were in charge.”

Some might see that as reason enough. I think most will be able to identify the ideology that encourages that sort of thinking.