“… historical misconceptions . . .”
A Voiceless Nation

On women as property

The BBC article linked in support of your concept that women have been commonly treated as property is fallacious. It is best to rely on non-feminist sources written by historians who have not applied a revision to fact. As a simple example of just one phrase, coverture is described as a woman legally being the property of her husband, whereas even an amateur historian could tell you that it is the legal requirement upon a husband to protect, consider and care for his wife, for which she is expected (but rarely legally obligated) to obey him.

The difference between quoting somebody without saying whom you are quoting, and saying “you said that…” is that the latter is more honest. There is a lesson if our own words offend us when somebody points them out.

I am a feminist.

I believe in equality and campaign on behalf of men and women who are having their rights denied. Therefore, I must often campaign against feminist individuals and feminist organisations who follow the core tenets of feminism and oppose equality.