It’s another reason to unite to elect a Labour government so that the miners can get the justice they deserve.
Battle of Orgreave: Public Inquiry ruled out by the Tories.
Ulrich Stephane Savary

The Tories refusing to hold an Inquiry might be a reason for a Labour government .. if it were not that a Labour government has been asked to commence a review and refused. Labour has had ample chances to investigate the battle and has done nothing.

It is not just miners involved who deserve justice. It is the entire country who are affected by a lack of trust in government, and even worse a suspicion of the police. Calling for a ‘snapshot’ review – where only a sample of evidence on both sides is heard – would not be overly expensive, even in these austere times. Rudd says that no good can come from an enquiry and she may be right .. in terms of amending police practices in force today. But there should be no historic limitation on an investigation that could lead to police being prosecuted for crimes, or which would restore a measure of belief in both government and police.

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