My concern is how to get around that resentment roadblock, without making it all about them again
Yeah, that is where the resentment comes from, true.

Those people who see disadvantage where others refuse to are not at all confused about where the enemy to their equality lies.

Even as a response to – and an expressed sympathy with – the statement:

I know a lot of white guys that feel angry that they’re being tarred with the same brush

The same ideological blindness is applied that says not to care about those types of people. A concern is expressed about how to “get around” that justified “resentment roadblock” to the ideology’s aims, “without making it about them again,” when ‘it’ never was about them in the first place!

It has never been about them. They are the protectors, the carers, the creators and designers of material and social progress, the nurturers and the defenders, the workers valued primarily by what they do. They are the disposables. So who cares about them: let’s just exploit their natural and helpless desire to care for and help those who say they need it, while blaming them all for some slight or believed past injustice by a few (who might not even be their ancestors) and let us keep them silenced by shaming them for whatever we can blame them for.

But let us not expect resentment from them, or any roadblocks to further subjugate and socially abuse them. Let us not make it about them again.