why the women hadn’t come forward when their attacks occurred.
Dear Dudes: This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like
Alan Linic

You give a few of the reasons why women don’t report sexual assault. (These reasons are among those why men don’t report sexual assault, too, and as a man I am sure you can more easily empathise with male victims and imagine how much harder it is for them.)

What you fail to do is answer the critical question which is quite reasonably being asked: why have these women come forward at this time to make their accusations?

One of the reasons people do not come forward is because they do not wish to be in the public spotlight, they do not want to have their public life and associations opened up to the media. So why, right at a time when the public exposure and journalist investigation to their lives and movements will be at its greatest, have they come forward? Doing so at this time is the hallmark of an exhibitionist, not of a private person, as most of us are.

If it is not just coincidence that multiple women have come forward with accusations against a political foe at this point in time, it is perfectly reasonable to ask what could be their motive. In wondering what their motive for an accusation at this juncture might be one would be remiss in not appreciating the potential damage to the politician’s chances of being elected, and therefore whether that might be the motive. If making an accusation (of any sort) is politically motivated, it is entirely reasonable to question the truth of that accusation.

You say that by merely asking such questions – as though questions, in themselves can be bad – I’ve become “part of the problem”. You don’t make it clear what the problem is that you now think I have become a part of.

Why have multiple women come forward right at a time when they will be under maximum personal scrutiny and doubt?