#Boosted Handle

Have ridden 200+ miles on my @BoostedBoard. Very early on, discovered that the board, while amazing, was missing a critical piece for me: handle.


First time on the board. Start losing your balance (we all do). The handle helps you recover.

You are flying down the road and spy a railroad track. You know your wheels are going into the gap. You jump off the board with the handle, run + pull across the tracks and remount. Makes bad scene, good.

You are going 20+ mph into a curve. You want a handle to help you lean into the apex hard.

Rolling into a beach and the traffic is backed up. Have to walk. Rather than picking that heavy ass board up or pushing the board around people (pain), you just dismount and walk your board like a cowboy walking their horse into town.


This board is heavy. While the reins let you walk your board around, it is hard to control over more variable terrain like a parking garages and beaches. What you want is something more like rolling luggage.


If you love your board, you ride to everywhere. Including places it isn’t going to roll in and out of. No problem. Sling it over shoulder like a bow. You can even run with your board.

Have been swapping pieces in and out of a basic design for a while and finally have something dialed in after testing throughout California.

Going to talk to a real designer and see about getting a non-hacked from Home Depot prototype (should be a hour at Tech Shop or something).

More then.

If you are designer in the Bay Area that wants to help, ping doug@purdy.im.

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