Social Media Taking the Lead in Ad Marketing

Over the last few years, social media has become much more than sharing your latest family vacation photos to distant relatives. But a powerful marketing, advertising, and branding engine. Each social media company with their own skill sets, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, are now leveraging the attention of viewers to maximize profit dollars. However, the year of 2017 has really placed a laser focused attention on the moves on these social media companies inner workings. 
Social media has brought some good quality content to their to sites. Some sites are now acting as Television networks. Offering excellent quality viewing content with a constant availability of new shows and seasons of all different variety. Social media takes our need to want to see the next show after a good episode and deliver on that desire. Dropping entire seasons rather than one episode a week like traditional television. Blogs in the form of videos are sweeping the nation, as people tune in to see the latest installment of an individual living a life similar to ours, or a dream like reality we hope to achieve. People are finding, with content at their fingertips, that it is more enjoyable to view content this new way rather than the traditional TV viewing method. With individuals having their devices constantly at their fingertips 24/7 this opens us up to leisure, a small getaway, or a laugh almost instantenously. However, this also opens people up to coersion of the highest caliber.

The 2016 Presidential Election this still under investigation. Russia is said to have influenced the election through purchased ad content. Influencing the public on nominations through propaganda messaging. Social media, while helpful, has the potential to influence a large and target group of people to think and act differently with a tool constantly communicating to them. But of course nothing is certain while things are under investigation. Social media still remains mostly a tool to share photos, videos, and the stunning moments life provides each of us. The social media world is only just spreading and transforming into a marketplace.

By offering more features on social media sites, more people will traffic to these sites. With more traffic social media ad campaigns are truly magnificent as the come across so many viewers at once. Especially targeted ads getting sent only to viewers based on the persons associated relevance. Many of these attractive products include the ability to personal log ones daily story, or vlog. Camera filters that augment reality. These reality changers enhance or add to the camera feed to give a better version or story of whats recorded. And some companies are now working on adding VR, or virtual reality, components to their social network. Many businesses are now modeling their ad marketing after social media sites. Some companies are now modeling themselves after social media sites. More people in this era look to sites that are online or mobile. These sites also must have a website that is easy to navigate and visually attractive. Ideas that captivate like video ads versus stagnant pictures. auto-play video ads and interest-based-ad-targeting are all options as well companies are adopting to reach clients as well.

Social media this 2017 year has truly stunned many with constant innovation and creativity that will continue in 2018.