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Worldcore is safe and friendly, this secure platform is designed to solve some of the recurring problems faced by the modern investment sector. The centralized nature of the financial system today makes it vulnerable to certain events that can degrade the entire economy or at least cause significant losses to investors,many investors continue to live under the fear of the stock exchange during hacking, takeover and competition of joint stock companies, bank theft, etc.This leads to the creation of an uncertain atmosphere where people are worried about the investment and long-term storage of its wealth.

The centralization of registration and storage of data in the investment system makes important data highly vulnerable to security breaches and destruction due to unforeseen events.Revolutionary solutions of the worldcore team use blockchain technology to protect investment by eliminating the risk of outside influences and data.Worldcore loss is not just a cryptocurrency.Worldcore platform is an overall system of investment, payment, trade distribution registrants and smart contracts built on blockchain technology.Worldcore Crowd-business and Investment Management is an open source platform that allows investors to efficiently invest in small and medium sized businesses as well as startups. From this stage of the idea, the worldcore platform is currently entering the development stage. The team will soon have a working model ready to market.Once ready, this platform will allow investors to finance some of the most dynamic and flexible market segments including small and medium sized businesses, non-profits and charitable organizations with temporary fees and payments.

What Makes worldcore Different from Other Platforms?

Unlike other existing solutions, worldcore is the world’s first platform to eliminate all the risks and shortcomings associated with centralized investment systems.Crowd’s management-business and investment platform that combines crowdfunding and investment-gathering as a function that allows individuals to participate in investing in projects that interest them. In addition, investors do not need to be a silent observer again.This platform allows investors to take or participate in participating and engaged in business operations therein. They will have the power to control how the investment will work for the benefit of both investors and their business interests.

The worldcore project will include a fully functional support structure to ensure smooth and efficient business.This platform will be supported by:

  • Decentralized exchanges
  • DecentralizationBank
  • Decentralization Payment and debit card
  • System Chipptocurrency worldcore network globall

All transactions on the worldcore platform will be created using a token (WRC) This platform will allow companies to create digital shares in crypto-token form. This digital stock can be used to raise funds at crowdsale (ICO) in an integrated decentralization market.After fundraising is complete, digital stocks will be available on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges where investors can trade their digital stocks depending on market value.

The decentralized worldcore bank acts as a bridge between traditional financial systems based on fiat and the Mine Coin ecosystem.The worldcore bank also facilitates capital flows between the two systems via debit and cryptocurrency cards. It also offers loans through smart-loans.

Worldcore has made a token (WRC) available in stock ordering. Those interested in being part of an early worldcore project can subscribe with a digital currency on their official website:

Roadmap and milestones

$ 5M

  • Membership in the VISA network, MASTERCARD, CHINA UNIONPAY, SWIFT and SEPA (Q1 2018)
  • The launch of a branded and branded prepaid debit card for the company. (Q1 2018)
  • Dedicated IBAN for each account. (Q1 2018)
  • Extension of marketing budget, sales and marketing team up to three levels of growth. (Q4 2017)
  • Opened 5 offices in EU countries with local marketing, sales, and support teams targeted to increase the attractiveness of Worldcore services to local audiences. (Q2-Q3 2018)
  • The launch of the Worldcore branded brokerage platform to trade blockchain assets. (Q2 2018)

$ 10M

  • Opening of 5 fully-packed offices in 5 more EU countries. (Q1 2019)
  • Launch of UK-regulated Blockchain-powered P2P lending platform with unique features. (Q3 2018)
  • Membership in JCB and American Express (Q2 2018)


  • Launch of Blockchain-based cash money transfer platform for easy and instant conversion of cryptocurrencies into cash and vice versa in 1000+ of pickup points internationally including all Worldcore offices. (Q1 2019)
  • Launch of WorldcoreTV - the world’s first 24/7 hybrid of TV channel and digital media focused on Fintech & BlockChain industries with online and international 24/7 broadcasting through Satellite and IPTV. (Q2 2018)
  • Setting up WorldcoreTV advertising marketplace on auction basis to efficiently monetize WorldcoreTV. (Q3 2018)
  • International indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns for all products in most of European countries


  • Global transformation into a Swiss bank with revolutionary investment, loan, brokerage, insurance and payment products due to great friendliness of this jurisdictions to cryptocurrencies. (Q2-Q3 2019)
  • Sponsorship of world-famous sport teams in football, hockey and racing championships to gain the highest brand visibility with further boosted revenue growth.
  • Setting up special and unique conditions for all ICO investors.


The hardcap (limit) of Worldcore ICO is 100m USD. All the funds exceeding 50m USD will be used for deeper market development, added to the Worldcore future bank capital and used for further IPO.

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